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Barti Spiced Rum

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A spiced spirit drink with Caribbean rum and infused with Pembrokeshire laver seaweed.

The sale of alcohol is strictly for persons over 18 years of age.

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Ingredients: Caribbean Rum infused with spices (vanilla, orange, cloves) and Pembrokeshire Laver seaweed.

Allergens: Cannot guarantee free from crustacean/molluscs due to seaweed content. Please also see spices in ingredients.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Make sure the bottle is tightly capped to minimise loss of flavour. To experience at its best, we recommend enjoying responsibly soon after opening.

What is it?

Barti Spiced Rum is a spirit drink with fine Caribbean rum, spiced with notes of vanilla, cloves and orange. The extra secret ingredient is a subtle infusion of Pembrokeshire Laver seaweed, known as Welshman's Caviar. The drink is inspired by a famous Pembrokeshire Pirate, Barti Ddu, or in English Black Bart.

We wanted to make a drink more smooth, full of flavour and more memorable than any other. Quite simply we wanted to create the best spiced rum in the world. That is the point of Barti Spiced.

Suitable for vegans.

Find out more about Barti Spiced Rum at bartirum.wales.

What does it taste like?

It took a year to perfect the balance between vibrant vanilla, clove, cinnamon and sweet citrus. Then came the infusion of wild hand-picked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast introducing umami undertones which soften and enhance the taste. All of the elements are married together within the finest, most expertly made Caribbean rum, to create an undeniably smooth yet perfectly punchy drink suitable for sipping or mixing.

We believe we have a drink so flavourful when mixed, and so pure and sippable when neat, that when you try it for the first time, it feels like you’ve found the one.

At 35% ABV, Barti is about as mellow as a Sunday morning.

How to drink Barti Spiced

Try it neat over ice with a slice of orange. A lot of people like to drink Barti on its own, but if you’re looking for a mixer, cloudy apple juice is fantastic, mix it in equal parts with lots of ice. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with ginger beer or cola.

Our favourite, the Apple Black / Afal Ddu

For ideas and on how to drink Barti Spiced, head over to Barti Spiced - Perfect Serves on the Barti Spiced website.

The back story to Barti Ddu Rum.

Barti Rum launched quietly in the summer of 2017. An idea captured by Jonathan Williams, seaweed fanatic, founder of The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company and self-confessed dreamer.

After a series of late nights at the time of his second daughter being born, Jonathan found himself captivated by a story he’d newly discovered, one of adventure, Pembrokeshire, passion and the deep blue sea.

Barti Ddu Plaque in Casnewydd Bach in Pembrokeshire

Barti Ddu Plaque in Casnewydd Bach in Pembrokeshire

With the flavours in mind and a thirst for good drinks with good friends, Barti Ddu Spiced Rum was quickly born and so this new story begins. Barti is made up of a blend of the finest Caribbean rum, seasoned with not only the most vibrant notes of vanilla, clove and subtle orange, but with hand-picked laver seaweed from right here on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

Never forget to raise the first glass in the bottle to the extraordinary Barti Ddu.

Why Seaweed?

Laver seaweed was once one of the most popular food items in South Wales. In Pembrokeshire there was a thriving cottage industry founded around picking laver from the beaches and sending it on to Swansea to be made into laverbread.

Laver carries a beautifully delicate, savoury flavour profile which complements the other notes. Often overlooked and misrepresented as being salty, we believe laver seaweed carries a beautifully delicate savoury flavour profile, which much to our delight does magical things to the spices and the rum itself, when infused. You must try it – it is undeniably smooth!

Seaweed was always a passion of Jonathan’s from the Cafe Mor days at Freshwater West Cafe Mor started life in 2010 at local farmers markets on his mums 1970s tablecloth and went on to win best street food vendor in the UK twice and then became one of Lonely Planets 80 must visit food trucks around the world. Café Mor was also selected to cater for the athletes at the London Olympic games in 2012.

Farmers markets turned into a pitch at Glastonbury music festival and then turned into the famous fishing boat that has been anchored overlooking Freshwater West beach for the past few years. Café Mor is now located at The Old Point House in Angle Bay, Pembrokeshire.

If you are ever in the area, please come and say hello!

Who is Barti Ddu?

Barti Ddu (pronounced Barti Thee), or in English Black Bart, wasn’t just any pirate. He left Pembrokeshire to work in the navy and nearing the end of his long and lowly career, the ship he worked on was defeated by pirates. Reluctantly and for lack of any other option, Bartholomew Roberts joined forces with his attackers.

Quickly he excelled as a pirate, due to his sailing skills, which had been overlooked by the navy. During his short reign in charge, Barti Ddu captured over four hundred ships, wrote the pirate code and he never entered battle without music playing! A character indeed.

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