The Secret Sea Garden

The Secret Sea Garden

So where did the idea for a secret sea garden come from? ..........

 "In the depths of that first lock down when the whole world was turned upside down and I was figuring out how my businesses could survive.  I would have the occasional chat with my lobster man Danny (@lobsterandmor), he usually has some misfortune that trumps mine so my chats with him makes me feel a bit better about business and life in general! Note: very often my misfortune trumps Danny’s, so that makes him feel a whole lot better too!

Well, one day, Danny was moaning about all the seaweed growing on his lobster pot lines. Covid basically put a brake on all lobster fishing, like all businesses (apart from Amazon), which meant lobster lines were left untouched longer than usual. Danny said he hacks off the seaweed, swears at it and throws back into the sea. I thought it was ironic that here I was collecting seaweed only 5 miles away, delicately cutting each seaweed strand and whispering sweet nothings to it and there he was throwing it away with curses. I imagine that happens far too often in this wonderful world, but let's focus on this point, which is:

“One man’s weed is another man’s treasure”. 

So Danny and I thought let’s leave a few lobster pots and lines to their own devices, untouched and see what happens ! Now 3 years later our secret sea garden project is growing, with thanks also to the good folks at @carymor too.

The aim of all this -for the Old Point House pub to have its very own sea garden.

Soon we will celebrate with a Secret Sea Garden Feast at The Old Point House (sign up to the newsletter via to be kept in the loop).

This wonderful image is by the equally wonderful artist Tom Frost 

Hope to see you down the bay"

By The Captain,  AKA Jonathan Williams