We are recruiting - Calling all Laver Lovers - New, Old and those that aren't so sure! .........

Here at The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company we have registered and are supporting the first ever National Laverbread Day, on April 14 2022,  by championing the Welsh Delicacy known as Laverbread and raising awareness of this amazing nutritional product.

National Laverbread Day aims to celebrate one of Wales’ most iconic delicacies: laverbread, the cooked version of ‘laver’ – porphyra seaweed – a diaphanous red algae found abundantly along Wales’ rocky coastline. A classic addition to a Welsh breakfast, laverbread can also be used in countless other ways – for example, as a seasoning, as an ingredient in bread or in a pasta sauce.

As you may know, Jonathan has been harvesting and cooking with laverbread for many years and it has been part of the foundations of PBFC and Cafe Môr. 

We chose April 14 as National Laverbread Day because it is the same day the Japanese celebrate “Mother of the Sea Day”   in honour of Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker, whose research into the cultivation of porphyria seaweed led to a commercial breakthrough for the Japanese nori (laver) industry.

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We hope to grow the celebrations each year and have invited other Welsh businesses and organisations to support National Laverbread Day. We will be sharing everything from cookery demonstrations, special dishes to special offers, events and giveaways.

We want to spread the word about Laverbread and get more people enjoying this unique Welsh food and feel that the celebration of Laverbread is long overdue.  Laverbread is a delicious and versatile Welsh ingredient and very much part of Welsh culture and we are really keen to inspire more  people nationally and internationally to try it.

To us Laverbread is one of the food wonders of the world. The use of Laverbread has declined and we believe that this food wonder should be celebrated as much as possible. 

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So if you haven't tried it already - go on give it a go and join our growing team of Laver Lovers!

To find out more and how you can join in the celebrations  - Please visit: 

We also stock Laverbread (Fresh Frozen and Tinned) in our online store and have lots of exciting Laverbread ideas for you try,  in our recipes section.



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