Please note our prices are subject to change with the changing market, and although we try our very best, seafood availability is also subject to the weather as the conditions have to be right for the Pembrokeshire fishermen to go out!

Any item below can be served with a gluten free roll, however as we are a small kitchen we cannot guarantee that everything is from a gluten free environment so if you suffer from coeliacs disease, please bear this in mind. 

We have a vegan option too in the form of the wonderful Green Green Grass burger.

If you suffer from any allergies, please let us know as we will always try and cater for your needs.

The Fresh West Breaky Roll

This roll was designed to truly celebrate the tradition of laverbread in Wales, it has become an instant classic and I live off them :)

Bacon, Free Range Egg, Welsh Cheddar Cheese, Laverbread Patty with Homemade Pickles, Welsh Sea Black Butter, KelpChup or Seaweed Chilli Sauce and dusted with Mermaid Confetti served in a toasted Roll.

Best Bacon Butty in the West

There are cheaper bacon butties in the world but none are in the same league as this one! Our ethos is that if we are going to cook something it might as well be the best it can be, which means only the best ingredients are used, life is too short for anything else. To illustrate this we actually use the most expensive rolls on the market. We spent 6 months eating different bread rolls and yep there are much cheaper options - but why would you use the best bacon or lobster or crab or burger and put it in a cheap roll? We decided to be the best so when it comes to choosing ingredients for our food the decision making process is very easy, only the best will do.

Two Rashers of Welsh Butchers Bacon in a Toasted White Roll with Welsh Sea Black Butter, topped with KelpChup or Seaweed Chilli Sauce.

Ultimate Egg Butty

Two Free Range Eggs with Welshman’s Caviar in a roll with Welsh Sea Black Butter, Homemade Pickles and Welsh Cheddar Cheese, topped with KelpChup or Seaweed Chilli Sauce.

The Classic Beach Burger

The Classic Beach Burger is a celebration of two forgotten local food traditions. One was that Freshwater West area was famous for the quality of its beef, especially Beef from the Welsh Black and the second was the tradition of harvesting laver seaweed from the local coastline. The Classic is a 5oz Welsh beef patty, made especially for us by our local butcher who mixes laverbread with the best beef to create one of the finest burgers in the land!

Simply our own recipe 5oz  100%  Welsh beef and Laverbread burger, in a chunky roll with Welsh Cheddar Cheese and Welsh Sea Black Butter.

The Môr Burger

For the extra hungry the MÔR is all you need, our own recipe 5oz burger made with 100% Welsh beef and Laverbread in a lightly toasted chunky white roll with : Bacon, Homemade Pickles, Cheese, Welsh Sea black butter and our awesome home made Kelpchup or Seaweed Chilli Sauce.

Crab Roll

99.9% of all local crab goes straight to Europe, that's why I started the business, to celebrate our Pembrokeshire seafood and keep some of our crab for us, on our shores.

The finest Pembrokeshire crab meat (50 white : 50 brown) from  wonderful local suppliers. Served hot or cold in a lovely roll, smothered in Welsh Sea Black Butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Please note all our crab comes from the sea, sometimes the sea can be rough and a very dangerous place to work so we do not always have crab available.

Our Famous Lobster Roll

I was and still am inspired by the rumours of lobster shacks on the East Coast of America serving lobster rolls. I have never been, only dreamed of what it could be like. For me I didn’t try lobster until I was an adult as it was always one those really expensive options on the menu. When I started Café Môr I really wanted to make lobster accessible to everyone and there is no better way than serving lobster in a roll.

Of course I wanted it to be the best lobster roll in the world, lobster shacks on the East coast are split between using mayo in their rolls or warm butter. For us it has to be Welsh Sea Black Butter, as it is simply the best. Welsh Sea Black Butter is Welsh butter with laver seaweed.

Meat from half of a Pembrokeshire lobster in a lightly toasted roll with Welsh Sea black butter and a dash of lemon. Served hot or cold.

We sell our lobster rolls at market value, yep it is an expensive sandwich but if you were to buy lobster from a café or restaurant in the UK it would be at least £25-£30 and sometimes more! In reality, we don’t really make any profit on lobster rolls because the lobster meat costs are high, but the ethos of starting the business was to break down barriers and so that’s why we sell it and serve it the way we do. 

Please note all our lobster comes from the sea, sometimes the sea can be rough and a very dangerous place to work so we do not always have lobster available.

Catch of The Day- Fish Butty

Daily fish, caught locally - pan fried and served with homemade pickles and seaweed chilli sauce. We could have anything on special from mackerel, to coley to sea bass and haddock, it’s a lucky dip from the sea!

Green Green Grass Burger V

We started playing around with different veggie burger recipes and we became slightly obsessed. We didn’t want anything average, it had to be as special as everything else on the menu. It took 4 months of experimenting with different recipes to finally settle on this:

Our Homemade Black Bean Burger made with Caramelised Red Onion, Garlic, Captain Cat’s Mor Seasoning, Kelp, Laver and Dulse seaweed served in a chunky roll with homemade pickles, Welsh cheddar and Mor Ketchup (Kelpchup). (Omit the cheese for a vegan option)

Rustic Fries

Our unique full of flavour and full on potato fries - can be sprinkled with Mermaids confetti and a splash of vinegar if you like. If you are feeling the love, ask for a serving of Mor Ketchup (Kelpchup)! on the side.


Beach Brownie

Glorious chocolatey home made amazingness, with added Laver

Sea Spiced Ginger Cake

We absolutely love ginger so we had to do a ginger cake, but here again Mamma Café Môr adds a touch of magic with seaweed! stout beer and laverbread are just a few of the ingredients we use to make up this sublime cake.

Local - Upton Farm Ice Cream

Award winning ice cream from Local Upton Farm with Traditional Vanilla, Barti Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate. (We do sometimes keep a secret stash of Salted Caramel on the boat, just use the code question: "Is there salt on the decks today"?)

Barti's Booty Sorbet

Barti rum, lime and ginger sorbet made by Fire & Ice in Narberth


Seaweed Tea 

A healthy Blend of Matcha tea and Seaweed

Tea / Herbal Teas

Filter Coffee

Doc Rocs Hot Choc - Made with real cream and special toppings - or try ......Hot Chocolate with Barti Rum ! (Adults only!!)

All hot drinks are available to order, made with Almond Milk

Local Apple Juice (Pembrokeshire Cider Company)

Cold Cans - varies but normally Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Fanta

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