How to make Laverbread (Bara Lawr)

  1. Collect some fresh seaweed (see notes below)
  2. Wash seaweed thoroughly
  3. Simmer for around 10 hours in a large pan
  4. Drain the seaweed and finely chop the laverbread
  5. Its now ready for use in cooking or to be dried for storage

Types of seaweed

There are many types of seaweed that can be used in laver. Typically however a Porphyra is used (we have 7 varieties here in the UK). These would normally be flat sheets of brown or red seaweed.

More Info on Seaweed

Mother of the Sea

Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker discovered vital information which revolutionised the laver industry, which today is the richest form of aquaculture in the world.

History of Laver Seaweed

The story and history of laver and seaweed use as food sources in Wales.

Laver Seaweed

One of the food wonders of the world