2021 Summer Update

Due to staff shortages, current Café Môr summer opening times are 8am till 4pm.

Please always call ahead before making a special journey.
Café Môr mobile is 07422 535345 which has daily updates on stock and any changes to times.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

We won Green!

We won Green!

We won Green!

We have been awarded The Green Trader Silver Award at Glastonbury. Sustainable and local suppliers is how we roll! Lobster Roll.

Sustainability has always been a passion of mine and though we don’t grow our own vegetables and have solar panels fixed to our units we do what we can to lesson our impact on our surroundings.

The biggest thing we have done is tailor our menu to use only sustainable seafood, so we focus on crab and lobster and use lesser known species of fish for our catering, we work closely with the Marine Conservation Society to help promote sustainable seafood.

Sustainability runs through the core of the business from deciding on what disposables we use to packaging even to our food stalls where we have used drift wood to make them. All of our lighting are LEDS which are though more expensive are a win/win for us, they use less power which means less demand for power at events, which saves us money in the long run and also they last for bloody ages!

The biggest thing I hate is waste and we work hard to make sure that there is no food waste at all from events, any leftovers get re-made into new dishes if possible or distributed amongst the staff, so we have almost zero food waste which means almost zero wasted money as well as being better for the environment.

We also work closely with our suppliers making sure they supply us in re-usable catering size food packs and speak to them about what waste they have from supplying us to see what we can do to help minimise food waste.

The old phase “one man’s waste is another man’s treasure” is something we adopt and find people who want our waste, for example we end up with a lot of cooking oil from frying so we found a guy who runs his old van on cooking oil, we get rid of our waste for free, he gets to run his van for free. Another example was that we were collecting a lot of ice cream tubs from our concession, so we cleaned them and give them to a local painter who uses them for mixing paints.