2021 Summer Update

Due to staff shortages, current Café Môr summer opening times are 8am till 4pm.

Please always call ahead before making a special journey.
Café Môr mobile is 07422 535345 which has daily updates on stock and any changes to times.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Môr Seasoning reaches shores and shop floors

Môr Seasoning reaches shores and shop floors

Môr Seasoning reaches shores and shop floors

Captain Cat’s Môr Seasoning is a new spice blend we've been carefully whipping up over the past few months. Although I must say, to us, it's not new, in fact it's been the base flavour for our seafood chowder since the early days of doing street food. We add it in at the start when the butters melting, the onions are softening and the air is filled with that make-you-hungry-quick smell. A lady found out that we were going to start selling our special seasoning the other day, she called and asked where she could buy our 'chowder powder' I must say it could have been a game changer if that was on the table of potential names at the beginning!

But of course we’re happy with the name, as you may know, Captain Cat is a character who comes from Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas’s, most famous work, ‘Under Milk Wood’. Captain Cat is an old blind sea captain, he is integral to the poetry, often acting as narrator. The spice is inspired by Captain Cat’s dreams of tempestuous mermaids, salt encrusted decks, exotic citrus from distant shores and dark laver black stormy seas.

So here we are only days away from Captain Cat's Môr Seasoning being despatched out to many of the lovely shops we supply and put up for sale on our online store so I thought I'd let you know a bit about how we got to this point.
The spice blend is packaged in a square tin which is like eye candy for foodies. We decided on this as an alternative to the glass jars we’ve used before because it’s such a different product. It took a while to get there but I think the little tin does a pretty good job of matching the design standards that we've previously had compliments on in the range. It’s colourful quirky and has the signature waves so we hope you’ll keep it and re-use it once the seasoning inside has finished. It's got our beach food mermaid on the back (designed especially for us by Anna at ISea Surfwear) who was named as the result of our Facebook competition, the fiery red head is called Seren y Môr thanks to the winner Debra Webber. She looks awfully feisty, which is quite apt for the spice itself is pretty punchy!

Like I said the recipe was always kind of there, it shouldn’t have taken us long to nail it down, but it did seem necessary to try it in crab cakes, with sea bass, with chicken, on chip’s, dusted on prawn salad, mixed into jambalaya, in batter fried with haddock and mixed with crème fresh as a dip. It’s tough working here you understand.
The taste is like an explosion of flavour, encompassing essences from the sea with warm undertones and a citrus twist. The key ingredients include smoked paprika, dried lemon peel and (of course) a pinch of laver seaweed. There’s no doubt that this will bring some beach food magic to your kitchen table.

All that’s left to do now is fetch the mermaids as many cups of tea as they desire whilst they work hard filling those little tins with this magic from the sea! I hope you enjoy it and perhaps know another sea lover who might enjoy it too!