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Every day there are innovative specials.

We can accommodate for gluten free visitors

Prices from £4 pounds up to £10 for our famous local lobster.

We use only local lobster & crab from DASH shellfish in Little Haven & fish from Milford Haven as well as incorporating foraged seaweeds into our popular dishes.

If seafood isn't your thing we also have our own Beach Beef Burgers made for us by Andy at Yerberston Gate Farm they have laverbread in them to add an out of this world depth to the flavour.

Sea Herbs

Seaweed Pouch: Laver, Dulse, Kelp & Grass. £3.00

Welshmans Caviar

Dried Laver seaweed £4.00

Mermaid Confetti

Dulse and Laver seaweed with sea salt £4.00

Captain Cats Mor Seasoning

Range of 5 different seaweeds £3.00


Ships Biscuits £2.00

Filter Coffee




Doc Rocs Hot Choc

Made with real cream and special toppings £3.00

Herbal Teas

We have quite a selection (please ask) £2.00

Mama Cafe Mor's Homemade Lemonade


Mama Cafe Mor's Homemade Lime Soda


Cold Cans

Coke, Diet Coke and Fanta £1.00

Princess Gate Water Still


Local Apple Juice


Beach Brownie

Glorious chocolatey home made amazingness with added Laver
Cake + Tea or Coffee Deal £3.50 available £2.00

Sea Spiced Ginger Cake

Squidgey punchy home made cake with fresh Ginger and Laver.

Cake + Tea or Coffee Deal £3.50 available


The FreshWest Breaky Roll

Served till 11:30am

Bacon, Free range egg, Welsh Cheddar and a Laverbread patty served in a roll with Welsh Sea Black Butter


Best Bacon Butty in the West

Two rashers of Welsh bacon in a toasted white roll with black butter
(gluten free options available) £4.00

Egg Butty

Two free range eggs in a roll with Welsh Sea Black Butter and cheese £4.00

The Mor Burger

Our own recipe 5oz burger made with 100% Welsh beef and Laverbread in a lightly toasted chunky white roll with : bacon, home made pickles, cheese, Welsh Sea black butter and our awesome new Kelpchup £7.00

Classic Beach Burger

Simply our own recipe 5oz Welsh 100% beef and Laverbread burger in a roll with cheese and black butter. £5.00

Our Famous Lobster Roll

Meat from half of a Pembrokeshire lobster in a lightly toasted roll with Welsh Sea black butter. £10.00

Crab Roll

The very best of Pembrokeshire crab meat (50:50). Served hot in a roll with Welsh Sea black butter. £10.00